Announcing the pan-European truck parking information portal

Europe’s first and only truck parking information, guidance and reservation portal is for the benefit of an estimated 4 million long distance truck drivers, half a million dispatchers and, so far, 2500 truck parking areas in 40 countries.

available truck parking information
from printed and other sources
on one single
distributed via the internet
and to mobile devices

One single platform containing a unified, detailed inventory of European truck parking areas — representing comprehensive information for truck drivers and dispatchers, delivered to where they need it.

For example (1) let's assume that a driver's destination is Linz in Austria, probably when his (or her) work-time limit is near the end. He can plan his rest period by simply entering "Linz" in the homepage's "Quick find" field. This (below) is what he sees…

…upon mouse-rolling-over of a park-area-symbol, the user sees a summary of the facility; on double-click, the truck park facility's full details are shown.

Considering another example (2), where a truck is 1. leaving Milan in Italy, and is 2. travelling in direction Turin, and that at the next truck parking area the driver would like to 3. have a shower, 4. buy a meal in a restaurant, and 5. tank up — by entering these factors in the simple "advanced search" page, this is what is seen…

Note the buttons at the base of the window area, that the user could then view the results as a table, or refine the search criteria, and so forth.

Furthermore, in the standard Google Maps functionality, the user can move (drag) the map in any direction, zoom in or out, see the terrain as a satellite image, etc.