Truckinform is a platform consisting of 3 Services:

  • Service 1: the European truck parking inventory database — currently holding approximately 2'800 parking area portraits from 40 countries

  • Service 2: dynamic availability data along European highways — the basis for Europe’s parking guidance system

  • Service 3: a reservation service — to allow for advance booking


Based on a 2-years' study by Allmobile, Truckinform has been developed as part of the EU pilot SETPOS project. The European Commission, DG TREN (Directorate General Transport and Energy) made a financial contribution..

Please click here for a list, and links to SETPOS project partners.

SETPOS stands for “Secure European Truck Parking Operational Services”, and was conceived because of concerns, within the industry, that attacks on cargo and vehicles are on the rise, and that there is a lack of secure truck parking sites across Europe.

However, Truckinform does not give information only about secured truck stops. In fact, TruckInform provides data on nearly ALL relevant truck parking areas in Europe.

In short: the three powerful new services of Truckinform help the European transport industry to become even more reliable, efficient, safer and — by avoiding detours — more sustainable.


With the implementation of this full service suite:

  • parking site owners can increase the usage of their facilities and derive a quicker return on investment
  • lorry drivers get an instrument to help them organise their rest time in the framework of the driving time regulations
  • dispatchers can plan journeys more accurately and easily
  • public authorities and road network operators gain an improved view of the traffic and parking situation
  • the interplay of different transport carriers — road-rail-ship — becomes smoother
  • less search traffic for parking spaces has a positive environmental impact
  • road transport as a whole becomes safer and more secure.

Move & Park is dedicated to setting up the Truckinform portal. Move & Park can draw from the substantial knowledge and expertise from knowledgeable project partners.

The Truckinform portal has been built by C-oncept software GmbH, Vienna.

A note about data accuracy

Truckinform cannot guarantee the full accuracy of all the truck parking data and has to decline any claims that might arise from wrong data. We rely on the parking operators that it is in their interest to supply the market with correct, complete and actual information. Each truck parking operator gets password-protected free access to his data for maintenance. To constantly improve the data, we have developed the unique 'flag system'. Apart from own checks, we count on drivers and dispatchers to report any inaccuracy. Thank you!