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How many TPA (truck parking areas; private and public) are in the database?


3'000…, 4'000…?

Why do not all TPA show up?

From approx 600 we still have no or not useable names or no addresses and/or coordinates. We improve daily.

TPA Operators will access and maintain their own data/portraits

Why have TPA Operators not accessed and upgraded their data themselves, already?

So far, we could get hold of about 1'000 telephone or fax numbers or emails! (Even after integrating data from >20 sources

All TPA Operators interested to be listed will have registered and completed their data


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Improvement by new search form


Why only in English, German, French and Russian?

More languages will be added (see top right) as soon as the most important improvements are made

5 – 10 languages
  Same with help

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