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It takes more marketing power than the initiators currently have to create critical mass and make this a profitable business. (Technically, just an upgrading to Google map 3 is needed to make the system fully operational again). Details on how TRUCKINFORM functions can be found here.

This portal's plus factors

  • remains the only Europe-wide platform for truck parking, integrating the services:
    1. Static information — “where can I park?”
    2. Dynamic availability information — “is there space free, now?”
    3. Reservation system — “can I book in advance?”

  • was built as part of the EU projects SETPOS and LABEL with the support of relevant stakeholders in 2007-2010 and constantly amended since then.

  • is an ideal portal to collect all static and dynamic data on parking throughout Europe: many interfaces are available for manual and automated uploading.

  • We believe that the time will come when truck parking slots are pre-booked. We have the system to do it!

  • consists of the most detailed data on the relevant European truck parking areas, of software, clients, network of market actors, documentation, know-how etc.

  • (.com) can easily be expanded to become an information platform for “all on trucking”.

Curious? Then please contact us!