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However, you can freely use all of Truckinform’s information and information search functions, without ever registering.

But registering has some big advantages, like

  • Truckinform can remember your preferences, hence making searches more appropriate to what you prefer

  • not only will Truckinform remember your preferences, it will remember also your recent search history, so you can build upon what you have searched before

  • you can choose “remember me on this computer”, so when next you visit, Truckinform will know you: who you are, your preferences, and your recent search history

  • Truckinform then knows what kind of user you are, like say a truck driver or a dispatcher, and Truckinform can then tailor enquiries and results

  • certain services, like truck parking reservation, are available to only registered users

  • optionally, Truckinform can send you periodic newsletters and special sponsor offers.

And your registering is good for us too: knowing who our users are helps us to improve our services and better build new features.

Truckinform regards your registration information, your preferences, and search history as private, and we commit neither to exploit this data, nor to pass it on to a third party.